“Layer By Layer Excavating The Anatolian Side Of İstanbul”

“Layer By Layer Excavating The Anatolian Side Of İstanbul “ is displayed between July 28,2016 – December 31, 2016 at İstanbul Archaeological Museums. 

“ Numerous villages, kiosks, woods and gardens beyond stretch along the Asiatic coast of Marmora, so calm and still and blue, towards Chalcedon 
and Prinkipo, the largest of the seven Prince’s Islands,
soft dots on the broad main.”
Frances Elliot, Diary of an Idle Woman in Constantinople (1893)
The modern city of Istanbul treasures an extraordinary number of historical and archaeological layers, since it is one of the oldest cities in the world with a rich and unique cultural heritage. Traditionally, this heritage has been associated with the historic peninsula, which geographically corresponds to the urban space of two capitals.  In Byzantine and Ottoman times the capital city was the physical and symbolic center of their respective empires.
Whereas the historic peninsula conserves monumental traces of its past, both capitals did stretch beyond the city walls with suburbs extending on the European and Asian sides.
In Byzantine and early Ottoman times, the Asian suburbs of the city were framed by the sea of Marmara and the archipelago of the Princes’ Islands with the mainland defined by a rich pastoral landscape dotted by fertile plains, water springs and defensive strongholds.  A network of suburban residences, agricultural estates, monastic complexes, roads, cemeteries and small harbors represented some of the Asian suburbs’ distinctive features. These features have now largely vanished with the growth of Istanbul’s contemporary metropolis.
This exhibition presents for the first time the outcome of recent and on-going archaeological excavations carried out by the Istanbul Archaeological Museums on the Asian side of the city.  Five settlements, ranging from Late Antiquity to Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman times have been selected to represent the richness as well as diversity of life in the city’s suburbs.
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