31 March 2017

Announcement - The suspension of Booking.com

Pursuant to the court case filed by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) with the aim to prevent unfair competition and thus protect member travel agencies, it has been decided that activities of the online Reservation portal Booking.com be suspended as a precautionary measure while the case is still ongoing.

Istanbul 5th Court of First Instance ordered for all activities pertinent to the marketing of hotels and accomodation facilities in Turkey on Booking.com or on other alternative web addresses to be suspended.

The suspension of Booking.com is limited only to the domestic search of accomodation facilities based in Turkey from within Turkey. Search of accomodation options in Turkey from around the world and browsing of facilities located in foreign countries from Turkey is accessible without any confinement.

We would like to herewith clarify that as TÜRSAB we also appreciate the fact that Booking.com is an internationally acknowledged company which is widely utilized and benefited by many around the world. The above-mentioned court case is solely a result of strict regulations and laws specifically defining domestic tourism activities in Turkey within the sphere of fair competition. 

  • Announcement - The suspension of Booking.com