Turkish Tourism Industry Today

Over the last two decades Turkey has made considerable investments on infra and super structure. This also includes transport infrastructure such as improvement, modernisation of airports and air terminals as well as construction of new ones. In addition to the international airports in the main cities and resort destinations, Turkey has domestic flights to all major cities and tourist centres. The highways crisscrossing the entire country; regular comfortable bus services and coach tours make travelling in Turkey easy and enjoyable. The transport infrastructure and the efficiency of services as well as advanced communication network system meet all the requirements of contemporary tourism.

The accommodation industry at present, includes a range of facilities from the top quality, super modern deluxe category hotels and holiday complexes, boutique hotels to the affordable ones. Although city hotels, summer resort hotels and holiday complexes constitute the greater part of the accommodation industry, there are numerous ski, winter resort and spa hotels in various parts of the country. Most high standard hotels and holiday complexes have a variety of recreation, entertainment facilities. There are also a number of golf courses of international standard in various parts of the country.

Turkey is a yachting paradise. Istanbul, and all main resort centres on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have marinas and the necessary facilities required. There is a major plan to increase the capacity to meet the growing demand as there is still a tremendous development potential for yacht tourism.

Turkey has been recognised as a country of international reputation for hosting the most important meetings and conventions of the world. In addition to the top quality convention centres of huge capacity, equipped with advanced technology; most high grade hotels also have facilities for events such as meetings and conventions.

Lures of the major cities and resort centres; world famous Turkish cuisine as well as international ones, restaurants, bars, entertainment life, cultural activities can appeal to tourists from all over the world.

To sum up, Turkey at present with its enormous tourism potential and a great diversity of its natural resources, historical treasures, cultural values and activities, life style, attractions and with its efficient, dynamic tourist industry offers wide selection of products that can satisfy the demand of different market segments including the most sophisticated and demanding traveller.

Tourists are flocking to Turkey in increasing numbers. Records continue. The year 2012 has also seen a new record taking the annual tourist arrivals to over 31 million in spite of the situation in the world travel and tourism market. However Turkey’s share in culture, nature based, special interest tourism, yachting; cruising, meetings and incentive tourism market segments do not match its enormous potential of great diversity and what it really offers. It falls well short of what it should have been. There is in fact a huge development potential for Turkey to increase its share in various market segments, and to further diversify its tourism.

There is a consensus of opinion supported by research findings, that the Turkish tourism will continue to grow at a higher rate than the European and the world average and the future prospects in the long term seem also to be very bright.

1973 118
1983 379
1993 1737
1998 4200
1999 4350
2002 4472
2003 4495
2004 4493
2005 4478
2006 5165
2007 5184
2008 5672
2009 5751
2010 6035
2011 6399
2012 6924
2013 7283
2014 7950




1983 65,934 611
1993 235,238 1581
1997 313,298 1933
1998 314,215 1954
2001 364,779 1980
2003 420,697 2240
2004 454,290 2357
2005 483,330 2412
2006 508,632 2475
2007 532,262 2514
2008 567,470 2566
2009 608,765 2625
2010 629,465 2647
2011 666,829 2783
2012 706,019 2870




1992 12,839 80
1995 19,479 114
1998 21,500 134
2002 19,564 108