TURSAB’s Duties, Activities And Its Approach To Major Issues

According to the Law concerning Travel Agencies and the Association of Travel Agencies (No.1618), article 32, TURSAB is established for the purpose of taking such measures, to insure the development of the travel agency profession in harmony with the country’s economy and tourism sector and of protecting professional ethics and solidarity.

Article 33 of the Law specifies its duties as market research, studies on travel agency profession, taking measures to prevent unfair competition amoung its members, organisation of courses and seminars for training travel agency personnel, submitting its views so requested by the Ministry, represantation of the travel agencies at the international organisations, and carrying out the other duties specified in the Law and the Regulation reffered to in the Article 34 of the Law.

TURSAB performs its duties specified by the Law and the relevant Regulation, and makes every effort with the aim of developing travel agency profession, resolving the problems concerning travel agencies’ activities and contributing to proper development of tourism.

In view of the significance of coordination, concerted efforts and public-private partnership, in the efficieny and achievement of goals and objectives, TURSAB works in constant contact with all the authorities and organisations concerned. It endeavours to contribute to decision making process by bringing important issues to the agenda by providing information, submitting its views and proposals.

From TURSAB’s standpoint any issue of common interest related to or affecting the products and services offered by travel agencies, their bussiness activities, as well as all aspects of tourism development, are considered high priority areas. Quality consideration is a point of great importance in modern tourism. In this context, TURSAB gives due consideration not only to the quality of the products and the services offered, but also to the concept of the total quality of the destination and environment. This brings of course, wide range of issues, affairs into question which are beyond the scope of duties and responsibilities of TURSAB specified by the Law No.1618, such as travel related services other than those of travel agencies, infrastracture works, investments, environmental issues. However TURSAB’s and its members’ interests comprise all these issues, all aspects of development and management of tourism, from policy formation, definition of strategies, measures to be taken, planning, implementation, to the promotion activities. Therefore TURSAB, submits its opinion and proposals on issues as such, where necessary, to the authorities or agencies concerned, and makes every endeavour with the aim of achieving the best possible results in co-operation with them.

Considering the importance of public opinion and support for the accomplishment of success in proper development and management of tourism, TURSAB makes efforts to increase public awareness of significance of tourism, its socio-economic impact, beneficial effects, as well as environmental issues, conservation and sustainability.

TURSAB, regularly informs the public, of all the issues above and developments in tourism, travel agency activities, also conveys its views through various means e.g. meetings, seminars and most importantly through media to the members of public and to the organisations concerned.

PR within the country constitutes an important part of TURSAB’s activities. On the other hand, TURSAB also attaches great importance to international relations, PR and promotion activities in this context.

As a member of several international organisations, TURSAB is represented on international platforms and makes every effort towards further promotion of bilateral, multilateral relations and regional co-operation in tourism. TURSAB supports the efforts for the encouragement and facilitation of travel. It shares international concern about improper development, misuse of tourism, over explotation of resources, environmental problems, and therefore places much emphasis on the idea of sustainable development.

TURSAB within its capacity, works on and realises, a number of events and special projects every year, aiming at developing travel agency activities and tourism while carrying out its day to day routine and other duties specified by the Law No.1618. Following pages contain further details concerning TURSAB’s activities as well as information in brief about some special events and projects.