Organizational Structure

General Assembly is the ultimate authority within TURSAB's organizational structure, where all member agencies are represented. General Assembly meets every other year and also can be invited for extraordinary meeting by the Executive Board or the Ministry.

Executive Board is the governing organ, responsible for the implementation of decisions taken and programme adopted by the General Assembly as well as dealing with main issues and day-to-day management through its offices.

Executive Board has nine members elected by the General Assembly for an office term of two years. Inspection and Disciplinary councils are bodies, the members of which are also elected by the General Assembly.

At present 94 appointed personnel are working at the TURSAB's Headquarters' Office and at the Regional Chapters. TURSAB has 20 Regional Chapters throughout the country. The main task of the Regional Chapters is to deal with local issues by establishing relation and in co-operation with local authorities and other organizations concerned.

TURSAB also sets up committees with the participation of its members to work on specialist areas or subjects when required.