For the branch operation certificate request, the applicant Travel Agency is expected to apply directly to TÜRSAB. After the evaluation to be made in the content of the application file, an audit is carried out by TÜRSAB to the address specified in the applicant's petition. If the examination, evaluation, and inspection of the application file comply with the relevant legislation, the member registration fee and annual fee are requested from the applicant to complete his membership to our Association.

In the following process, TÜRSAB notifies the result of the application to the relevant Ministry. For applications that are deemed ineligible, the reason why the applicant is deemed unsuitable is indicated. In case of any deficiencies as a result of the examination of the application by the T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the eligibility is notified to TÜRSAB.

If the application is deemed appropriate by the Ministry, Authority Approval is issued for the preparation of the "Travel Agency Operating Certificate". After the Authority Approval, the Travel Agency Operating Certificate is prepared and forwarded to TÜRSAB. The issued business certificate is sent to the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism to be delivered to the applicant.




1. Application Petition

2. Original Certificate of Trade Registry

Current Trade Registry Certificate containing the address and representation authorities of the applicant's legal entity

3. Travel Agency Establishment Guarantee Original

  • The original of the letter of guarantee to be issued under the 29th article of the Travel Agencies and Travel Agencies Association Regulation and the amount of the 30th article, or
  • From the applicant's legal entity account to account number 350 154 021-9 at the T.R. Central Bank Ankara Branch of the T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Central Accounting Office (IBAN NO: TR 890 000 100 100 000 350 154 021), the original of the transaction receipt with the title deemed appropriate by the Ministry (It must be submitted with a stamped signature by the relevant bank.

4. Personnel document required to be employed in a Travel Agency

At least one staff member with one of the following qualifications is employed in Travel Agency headquarters and branches

  • On hotel management and tourism; The original or certified copy of the certificate of graduation belonging to persons who have completed vocational high school, associate degree, or undergraduate education
  • Information officer foreign language certificate of achievement
  • The original or certified copy of the guiding document issued by the Ministry

(Those who have an information officer certificate of achievement in C group travel agencies can be employed instead of personnel with the qualifications specified in the first paragraph.)

5. SGK Recruitment Statement showing that the employees whose documents are submitted works within the company or SGK Insured Service List of the applicant legal entity for the last period

6. (Appendix-3) Statement regarding the personnel to be employed.

7. Travel Agency Information Update Form Original

8. (Appendix-4) Trade Registry Gazette Original Statement

The statement containing the date and number of the Trade Registry Gazette showing the Articles of Association and its Shareholders and Managers if it is a Legal Entity Limited Company, the Articles of Association and the Information of the Board of Directors and Representation Authorities if it is a Joint Stock Company




1. Appendix - 3

2. Appendix - 4

3. Travel Agency Information Update Form

4. New Document Application Petition

5. Example of Letter of Guarantee

6. Signature Circulars

The original or notarized copy of the document containing the signature samples of the representative of an institution or organization.

7. Trade Certificate of Registry

Registry Certification Prepared According to Article 16 of the Trade Registry Regulation

MERSIS number, trade name, in real person commercial enterprises, the name and surname of the business owner, place of residence and identity number, the head office of the business, the address of the branch in the branches, the business area of the business, the capital allocated to the business, authorized to represent the business at the time of issuing the document that shows what happened.

8. Guarantee

• If it is to be given as a letter of guarantee, in the final and indefinite letter of guarantee; the agency title, and trade name must be present.

• Guarantees other than letters of guarantee, the original receipt deposited in the "Tahsilat Hesabı TR89 0000 1001 0000 0350 1540 21 IBAN" account of the T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Central Accounting Office, or through the accounting units of the Ministry Central Accounting Unit or provincial or districts general budget offices. It is deposited in the Accounting Unit. (The stamped and signed receipt must be the original, and also the commercial title (in no case should the name of the person be included) in the sender part of the receipt, and the agency title obtained from the T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism must be written in the explanation part.)

• For Group A: 1.750,00.-TL (One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Turkish Liras)

• For group B: 1.500.00.-TL (One Thousand Five Hundred Turkish Lira)

• For group C: 1.250,00.-TL (One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Turkish Liras)

Branch Member Registration Fee and Annual Fee Information

Branch member registration fee and branch annual dues fee shall be applied by increasing the revaluation rate determined and announced in accordance with the repeated Article 298 of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 for that year, effective from the beginning of each calendar year.

  • The Branch member registration fee and branch annual dues for 2024 is 359,476.83 TL. (Branch member registration fee is allocated once during membership procedures. It cannot be refunded in case the branch membership to the Union is finalized by the Ministry by issuing the branch operating certificate).
  • The 2024 branch annual fee is 17.973,85 TL. (It is collected every year at the revaluation rate determined and announced in accordance with the repeated Article 298 of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213, including the year in which the branch operating certificate is approved by the Ministry).
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